uhhuh EXO ♥
following a light breeze, I go into your world, closer to your side.

Annyeong~ My name is Oshini! This is my EXO blog! I post EXO and their glory ♥o♥, Also known as 12 sexy guys who ruined my life ever since their debut...I SHIP HUNHAN AND BAEKYEOL FOREVER ♥ Ugh...all the ships /dead. My bias...I mean can you really pick between these guys?! I LOST MY MIND~ (keke:3) Though I have four main biases: Luhan, Kai, Chanyeol and Baekhyung Not in any order >.< Hope you like my blog!



y’all talking about how you can date your bias now but i can’t even go near my bias without luhan staring into my soul

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